10 T-Shirt Print Trends You Need to Know for 2020

T-Shirt designs are constantly evolving. While you will still find many evergreen styles, the trends are moving around and changing. If you are in the T-shirt printing game, it is important to understand these changes and implement it to stay ahead in the competition.

The T-shirt designs this year are all going to be about the unique fusion of cool visual aesthetics and digital techniques. To help you understand what the trends are going to be like this year, we have compiled the top 10 T-shirt print trends in this article. Let’s dive in!

1. Dramatically Orient

The inspiration behind this trend is the Japanese mafia tattoo art. The design features the most recognizable Japanese creature i.e. the dragon and the added element comes with tigers, snakes, and other mythical creatures, giving the T-shirt design an aesthetic appeal, which makes it stand out. The combinations sometimes also feature modern Japanese typography or traditional calligraphy.

2. The Gradient Look

The powerful transition of the most dramatic hues will rule the best T-shirt print trends this year as well. The designs will include a wide array of interesting designs and illustrations with subtle shading and neon shapes overlaying greyscale images. The gradient look will also feature an interesting combination of 3D-visual techniques.

3. Inspired by Nature

Take the picturesque design of your T-shirt printing to another level with illustrations inspired by the natural wonders of Mother Nature. Feature the wonderful creations of nature including arctic landscapes, dense jungle, and blooming fields as the T-shirt print trends.

4. Show Some Creativity

This is an excellent approach when typographic designs are your thing. Speak up and write it on your T-shirt design and it’s never going out of style. Use the creative techniques and keep this style in fashion by implementing futuristic lettering, 3D rendering, extreme color combinations, hand-drawn fonts, and typography that naturally interacts with other designs. Think of puns, one-liners, political views, and snarky quotes!

5. Tie-Dye Style

Tie-Dye isn’t limited to your roller skates or surfers only! This year, the tie-dye style is going to emerge as an evolution of an interesting T-shirt print trend that instantly gives out a modern look to your overall style. If you thought this style was out of fashion, try the experimental digital tie-dye using the most unconventional colors!

6. Collage Trend

It’s 2020 and the collage trend is here to stay! This collected illustration style has an interesting appeal and vibrancy to it. Print it using drawn illustrations and obscure it with digital patterns and image clipping for a great turnout. Random gradient layers and spliced up portrait photographs are the most common types of designs used in this category.

7. Futuristic Metal

The name says it all. It reinvents the tech in an interesting and appealing style as a print trend on T-shirts. This design is a perfect combination of virtual reality, robotics, psychedelic science, and 80s cool that will give out a very foreign touch to your overall look. Flaunt your alternate life with a design that’s so unique.

8. Gold is Gold

Metal elements featured in gold – welcome to 2020!

Gold is evergreen, especially when it comes to special effects as T-shirt print designs. The metallic effect, especially the 3D designs take the entire style to a whole new level. The best part? Gold instantly gives a exclusive and luxurious feel to any design. Stick to this one as it’s going to be in-trend for years to come.

9. Motor-Racing Inspired

This one’s self-explanatory. With the hype and enthusiasm around motor racing, no wonder it’s such a trend in T-shirt printing. You can go with iconic styles or take a unique approach with fonts and features. Just try to stick to the patterns with basic racing aesthetics and deliver clean layouts for best results.

10. Globally Appealing

This design features discovery and travelling and how it helps with spiritual awakening. This trend is not only attractive but also quirky – thanks to the global influence this style has on the T-shirt printing trends. Go bohemian, eclectic, or crafty – just the way you like it. With the combination of unique colors and ethnic patterns, this style is definitely going to stay on top of the list this year!

The Final Word

Always remember that the print of a shirt is quite important — it defines ones personality. We have mentioned a few trendy prints, but there are many more for you to explore!