T-Shirt Design Trends for 2019

T-shirts are a great source for promoting your brand. They can be designed in unique ways, are affordable and frankly one can never have too many of them in their wardrobe. In this post, we talk about some of the currently popular design trends for t-shirts that will help your product or brand become popular with your audience.

1. Popping Colors

We are bored of the same white, black and grey t-shirts year in and year out. People are now opening up to brighter colors like green, pink and blue. Since YouTube is a popular medium of reaching out to audiences nowadays, these brightly colored t-shirts are more eye-catching and distinctive than the conventional muted colors. It also helps your product or message to stand out.

2. Floral Themes

Regardless of gender, floral themes are a much-loved concept in t-shirt design. Their popularity has sustained throughout the year and is likely to continue in the months ahead. Floral themes can be used in different ways because of the different options in terms of style and color to choose from. Different flowers symbolize different qualities and emotions so you can use these to reflect your personality through your t-shirt.

3. Text Repetition

Text repetition was one of the most sought after 8 t-shirt design trends for 2019. An effective design strategy for t-shirts has been to print the same message in multiple font styles on the t-shirt. This approach might look a bit quirky to some, but is a great way to draw attention to your t-shirt. The text could be a brand slogan, lyrics of a song or anything from popular culture. It can be a great way to connect with your audience by reflecting their thoughts on your t-shirt.

4. Sketches

Hand-drawn sketches are also quite popular on t-shirts as well as other types of clothing. You can be as detailed as you want with these sketches as it enhances the beauty of these designs. Or you could go for a simpler sketch that looks more dynamic than an intricate design. These sketches are usually monochrome as these look more realistic than multicolored sketches.

5. Printed Pocket Space

Your t-shirt does not necessarily need to have pockets, but you can benefit from sprucing up that space a bit. Due to standard t-shirt designing over the years, our eyes have become accustomed to seeing the pocket region occupied instead of empty. A good way of using that 4-inch space is to print a logo or some other relevant design. This is a great branding strategy and helps your message to get across to your audience if you’re a blogger or influencer.

6. Abstract Art

The abstract art style of the 90s is winning over people’s hearts all over again, with its funky geometrical designs and use of primary colors. A bright color palette coupled with neat lines makes this a hugely satisfying design theme for your t-shirt. Also, the abstract theme gives you lots of freedom to bend the rules and come up with novel designs.

7. Retro Fonts

We never seem to get bored with retro styles. The same holds true for t-shirts. Opt for funky fonts and colors to reflect a bohemian theme or show your rebellious side. This style is well suited for graphics as well as text-based design. Retro fonts can easily be licensed online, and there are some pretty cool free fonts as well.

8. Side Text

A great way of making your t-shirt design stand out is by printing text that is aligned to one side. You can choose whether to align it to the right or left side of your t-shirt. This leaves the centre space blank and imparts a unique aesthetic to the overall look of the t-shirt. The text could be anything—a simple brand name or a slogan.

The Final Word

Designs continue to evolve and people keep coming up with new fads and trends all the time. Think of your t-shirt as a blank canvas where you can experiment with each of the designs and choose the one that works best with your audience!